Smith Adjusting Recommends:

Smith Adjusting has a 97% success
rate of having the structure owners
withdrawing blasting complaints
and potential litigation cases
filed against our clients –   when
Smith Adjusting Inc. has been given
the opportunity to perform the
inspection prior to the complaint.



Smith Adjusting specializes in offering a unique concept in that they perform a three in one service of Pre-blasting, Post Blasting and Blasting Claim Liability Investigations.
The uniqueness of this service includes the capabilities of knowing what existed prior to an alleged damage claim and being able to negotiate with the claimant and adjust the claim, if need be, on behalf of the client, thereby minimizing the exposure to the company and the expenditure of excalating litigation costs. This concept also reduces future insurance premium increases.
Smith Adjusting is committed to professional adjusting services, complimented by consistent, predictable quality claims handling. Smith adjusting uses the latest technology.
Fully updated computers, offices, and estimating systems:
Computer generated estimates
Electronic delivery of reports and photographs
Uses the latest in digital photography equipment
Digital date and time stamped photography
Digital image magnification ca Electronic of all reports and photographs kept in protected system